Thank you for your interest in Haddock Entertainment. We currently have a policy prohibiting the acceptance or consideration of materials, creative ideas or suggestions of any nature other than those specifically commissioned or requested by Haddock Entertainment or our affiliated companies.

This policy is also in place to limit the risk of any misunderstandings concerning rights to projects developed by Haddock Entertainment which may appear similar to the work of others. As a result of this policy any materials including (without limitation) creative ideas, notes and suggestions, stories, screenplays, print media articles, and concepts, (collectively, the "Materials") submitted to Haddock Entertainment shall be returned without consideration or review. None of the Materials shall be subject to any obligation by Haddock Entertainment and Haddock Entertainment shall not be liable for the use or disclosure of any such materials.

Please note, it is the responsibility of the office manager of Haddock Entertainment to open and screen all correspondence addressed to Haddock Entertainment Inc. and no submissions will be forwarded, referred to, or in any manner observed by Chris Haddock.

Other Requests

We welcome requests for photographs of the performers in any Haddock Entertainment production (subject to availability). Please include a large self-addressed stamped envelope with your request.

For requests in the U.S. please forward your inquiries (with a large self-addressed stamped envelope with your letter) to:

Program Partners 818 Hampton Drive Suite 1 Venice CA 90291